Unapologetically Canadian
Unapologetically Canadian

Episode 56 · 5 months ago

2022 Let's Go!


Okay 2022, we're ready for you. I hope. With COVID still on and so many government restrictions underway, how can we creatively lead sustainable lives while thriving? My word of the year: courage. The word “courage” stems directly from a feeling that I’m at the edge of my capabilities as an entrepreneur. I will need to continue stretching beyond who I am now in the coming year. Last year’s challenges included course development, fundraising and application development. I also hired many people, which in turn necessitated learning team leadership, task delegation and automating payroll. In addition, I spent time improving the craft of writing and maintaining good governance within three separate business entities. All of those actions must continue and expand next year while leaving time for project distribution. As I get feedback on these projects, it will be important to maintain enthusiasm and continue growing. That takes courage. (For a description of the rest of my resolutions for the year, check out my article at: .) To help you build your resilience and perhaps take on courage for yourself, I have two things to offer: a Canadian song playlist and the Doughnut Economics Lab. The Canadian playlist is here . You can find out more about the Doughnut Economics Lab at . There are already lots of Canadian members, including many from Montreal. I just joined!

My name is Tracey Arial and I am unapologetically Canadian. Hey Tracey Arial here. happy 2022! We are going into a new year, the second year that Canada is suffering from COVID restrictions. We had hoped that our vaccination levels, which are higher than seventy- five percent, would make a difference and they have in that we aren' t getting as many people who are sick, but unfortunately our hospital beds are still filling and there' s still. Our ers are filled to capacity, a hundred percent as of last week and we' re still getting a lot of people who are getting COVID despite having a double vacced and many people triple vacced now. in our family, we had two of the four of us got COVID. not me but two of... two adult children got covered over the holidays. My husband and I did not I' m have my third vacs, but my husband didn' t, but they isolated in the room. So I guess they kept us safe. The number of people that I know who have had this particular bout of COVID is enormous. Luckily, most of the people that I know have not been hurt, although I haven' t heard from my intern, yet who also got COVID, so I' m not sure I' m hoping he ' s. Okay, All the museums are shut down again. All the theatres are shut down again bars and restaurants are shut down. you just have to order from them again. Really some of the most interesting creators in Canada are suffering the most because of this, and so in honor of them I am like to share with you a Canadian music playlist that that I' ve been using myself, but that I think, would be really fun for you. word of the week is courage not just for myself, but for all of us. We have to figure out all of us a way to be more sustainable and to be to help each other get through this and to somehow choose sustainable living over convenience as often as we can. we have to find a new way to stay warm. we' re in Canada. It ' s minus seventeen out today. Somehow we have to find a way to stay Warm, be able to thrive and use less energy so that we can combat greenhouse gases and still live healthy Creative lives that pull everybody up. There ' s a lot of people still in the world who are living very miserable...

...need to be housed and we' re not going to do that unless we are very, very creative and we' re not going to do that in a way that keeps our water and air and earth functioning so that humanity can stay alive unless we do some things very very differently. With that, I ' m exploring things like Donut economics, which is the idea that there is a there' s, a level of energy use that we can' t go over. there is also a level of human suffering that we can' t go under, and so all of those outside forces are beyond the human economy and that human economy should be solely functioning in between those two boundaries. it' s a really really exciting idea. I think it takes what has traditionally been economics and makes it much more exciting for all of us. so...

I definitely encourage you to explore that as well. other than that, I ' ve got some great interviews lined up for you for 2022 and I hope you enjoy them. See you soon. Thank you for listening to an apologetically Canadian e.

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