Unapologetically Canadian
Unapologetically Canadian

Episode 5 · 2 years ago

Entrepreneurial Experiences February 2020


This month has been full of entrepreneurial excitement and pitfalls. Here's a quick overview of the latest experiences in the world of a solo creative.

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My name is tracieril and I am an apologetically Canadian and it's now mid February. I cannot believe it's February. Seven, eight, already, twenty, twenty, and last week was the entrepreneur experience here in Montreal, or well, actually it's called Expo of Canale Vena, and it was amazing to be in a room with so many extraordinary entrepreneurs. There were Fivezero people who participated tons of different booths, including some really interesting ones, including shopping road, which will be investigating using for the coop they have. They're really looking for independent organizations to connect to so that they can encourage people to shop locally.

So that could be really cool for cause. I also saw something called recharge with the J which is this little booth that you go into and you actually get to have a massage in a chair and a headset that has this wonderful music on, and we got a ten minute trial of that. Apparently, dejal the and suck to, so they already have these little booths in their offices and the company, the Startup Company that started this project, was hoping that they would be used about five hours a day, and it turns out they're being used in an average eight hours a day because people are when you have it in your office. They recommend twenty five minute sessions and apparently people are keen to use them and leave them all the time. So that was a fun company to meet. It's really just gets to show you that the entrepreneurial life in Canada is growing so quickly. And I'm also really excited because...

I just ain't finished interviewing Janette Anderson, who's going to be on my podcast two episodes from now. I finally know. I think she'll be on next week, and she talks about an entrepreneurial journey that's just been fascinating and turning out. She talks about the difference between a business as a freelancer and a and and in a business where you actually have products that you sell, and I think that's a really cool different siation between those kinds of two things and obviously I'm trying to work on as a creative entrepreneur. I've always had products to sell, but I haven't sold my time per hour as much, but my products have always been so inexpensive and now I'm creating products that are worth a little bit more. So that I can have a bit more of a hierarchy between one on one, very extensive working on a book together, projects...

...which can, you know, go up to ten or twelve thousand dollars and deck made. So now I'm creating courses. Some of you are already in the profile your business course. This cohort is going through the course right now. It's very exciting to see how people are doing with that and I'm looking forward to the next launchual which which will probably be in mate. Also working on the profile your ancestor course, which will be coming out next month. Looking forward to having a cohort working on there and working on their family histories, because I think that that's going to be very exciting as well. So, all in all, the Oh and we just finished with the coop. We did our first winter film night. So we actually after it gets dark and the green has of course, the sky is dark, so you can actually show films and that's one of the few things we can do in the winter there because it's only ten degree these and so people can bundle up under covers to watch a film. And we did the first one with Cindy Velda...

...on Saturday and the next one is going to be on the twenty ninth of February. I'm still looking forward to that and actually another one of our members, Steve Moss from group Demassi, has decided to do a conversations over coffee film night on this Saturday's twenty two. So we're severally looking forward to working with them as well. And so that's what's happening in my life at the moment. I just sent off an email because Carmel Schier Schreiber, who is he's the WHO does the build will Canada podcast, has agreed to come on to this podcast to talk about the financial summit, and just in time for tax seasons. So that will be coming up as well. Looking forward to presenting that. And other than that, I guess the thing that I've been thinking about lately, as you know from my last podcast, I've been really trying to be strategic about my growing my businesses this year and so I am...

...still working a bit on the business plans, but I've got a lot more strategic about how I want people to work with me and how things are going to be moving forward. I still have some work to do on that, clearly, but it's it's going well. So far, and so if you have any tips about how entrepreneurs can set up an authentic marketing strategy, that feels really good as a client. That's my goal, is that every time you get something from me, you feel like this is a fun person that you wanted to connect with, whether you actually work with me or whether you just use some of my free resources or whether you just get a laugh because my emails are so funny. That would be really a lot of fun.

And so if you're not getting my email now, I encourage you to sign up for the notable non fiction email. I just give you an update on what's going on in my life, and usually there is it's a weekly update. Now I've since the beginning of the year I've been sending it a weekly and basically I just try to give you the update on the whether you're a family history, whether you're creative entrepreneur, what's going on in Montreal and in Canada and in the world that you should pay attention to. And if you were part of it. Last week, you know that I talked about Refo Leo's B school launch. I am a B school advocate. I love that program and I'm going to be doing it again, starting next week. Is a matter of fact. Right now, all of us who ever registered for be school are doing something called start the right business, which helped me get...

...really focused last year. I'm going to do the work again, I guess. The next thing that I should talk about is Danny any is going to be doing his lift conference here in Montreal and April. So you're fewer creative entrepreneur and you want to join me at that, I'll put the link down below so that you can sign up for that. It's so wonderful being in a room with creative entrepreneurs, for the most part, who are, and many of us are, introverts. At that particular conference they give you a name badge which includes whether you're an introvert and extrovert or something in between, so that when people see someone who is an introvert sitting in the corner with their headphones on, you know not to bother them because they just need a little bit of space and time and and if or they might just if they see someone who has an introvert pass on and they're just standing there alone with their coffee, maybe they'll go over and say hello. It just means that...

...we can all care for each other and make this fast a little bit more welcoming and wonderful. I just love Danny any for that innovation. So, if you're not getting aerial view my news letter, I would appreciate you signing up and if you are getting it, let me know what we would like to see more of, and thanks very much for being part of my community. I really think that Truth and accuracy count, and that's what not a non fiction is all about. So, and obviously, yeah, Canada's time for creating. Take care. Thank you for listening to an apologetically Canadian. Please consider supporting our podcast Fort Hun hundred and ninety nine a months. Joint select listeners and get additional episodes every month.

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